Benefits of Botox & Dysport

Here's what Botox & Dysport can do for you

Botox & Dysport relax muscles to help treat fine lines and reduce wrinkles.The primary difference between Botox and Dysport is that Dysport is primarily used to smooth larger surface areas, such as moderate to severe forehead and glabellar lines, also known as frown lines or 11 lines. Botox on the other hand will work better on smaller surface areas, due to its high neurotoxin concentration.

Our doctors specialize in using both types of injectables, and can help advise you on what would work best to accomplish your desires and maximize results.

  • Crow’s Feet.
  • Glabellar Lines.
  • Laugh Lines.
  • Forehead Lines.
  • Cheek Lines.
  • Jawlines.
  • Eyebrows Wrinkles.
  • Necklines.
  • Under-Eye wrinkles.
  • Eyebrows.
  • Chin Lines.
  • Bunny Lines.
  • Lipstick Lines.
  • Teeth Grinding Symptoms.