IV Drip Therapy in Encino, CA

Are you looking for ways to quickly fight a cold or a hangover?

Did you recently return from a trip abroad and are looking for ways to boost your immune system and improve your sleep? Whatever the case, our IV drip therapies may be exactly what you need. We have 12 different types of ready or customized IVs for you to choose from.

Our IV Drip Therapies

Hangover Fix - $185

The Hangover IV Drip quickly replenishes lost electrolytes to get you feeling like yourself again. More

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Jet Lag IV - $185

Our IV Jet Lag Therapy will provide your body with minerals necessary to fight symptoms of jet lag. More

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Our Wellness Drip contains an ideal blend of ingredients and a generous dose of vitamin C. More

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Immune Booster - $285

Our IV Immune Booster is enriched with nutrients to maintain a functioning immune system. More

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Detox Mixture - $185

Our Detox IV is rich in vitamins and minerals that help to purge our toxins from your body. More

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Muscle Recovery - $250

Our Muscle Recovery IV is formulated to naturally help you recover from any type of physical activity. More

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Myers Cocktail - $185

If you are craving to feel rejuvenated and refreshed, our Myers Cocktail IV drip may be just what you need. More

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Brain Booster - $75

Our Brain Booster IV Therapy treatment is designed to help you focus and feel more alert. More

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Migraine/Pain IV - $185

Our Brain Booster IV Therapy treatment is designed to help you focus and feel more alert. More

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Energy Booster IV - $185

Our Brain Booster IV Therapy treatment is designed to help you focus and feel more alert. More

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What Is IV Therapy?

IV drip therapy delivers fluids containing vitamins, amino acids, and minerals directly to your bloodstream via an IV drip injection into the vein. This allows the fluid to travel faster and more effectively through the bloodstream, leaving you feeling your very best, faster. At Rejuve, we believe that IV drip therapy is the future of medicine, and has been extensively growing in popularity as research shows it to be more effective than the oral consumption of pills in delivering vitamins.

Healthier skin, an instant energy booster (1), or a quick recovery to that early morning hangover? Check, check, and check.

Our clients choose IV therapy drips to quickly recover from a number of circumstances, including hangovers, jet lag, a cold, muscle pain, fatigue, stress, and so much more. Although IV therapy has not been proven to directly prevent disease or illness, it has the ability to quickly boost your immune system and provide you with the pick-me-up that you need.

Benefits of IV Therapy

  • Promotes a healthy immune system
  • May improve your circadian cycle and elevate your sleep
  • May help you recover from muscle soreness faster and more effectively
  • May elevate your mood and provide you with an energy boost
  • May help you beat your weight loss goals faster and more effectively
  • Promotes the cleansing and detoxification of your body
  • May improve alertness and concentration
  • May provide you with instant pain relief
  • May help to eliminate herpes (2)
  • May decrease pain associated with arthritis (3)
  • May improve blood circulation
  • Promotes healthy digestion and may alleviate heartburn symptoms

*In the short term, you can expect to feel a difference from your IV therapy for at least 3 or 4 days after your session. Regular IV therapy sessions will contribute to enhanced health in the long term.

Botox in Encino, CA

At Rejuve, we offer beauty treatments that were selected to not only help highlight the unique features that define your unique beauty but also treat a number of skin or health conditions.

Whether you are interested in treating a skin or health condition or want to lift a drooping eyebrow, our botox injections may just take care of it for you.

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Our Beauty Services in Encino

Dysport (per unit)

Botox & Dysport relax muscles to help treat fine lines and reduce wrinkles.More

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Advanced Medical Therapies in Encino

Ozone Therapy

Ozone has been widely used by practitioners as a treatment for numerous medical conditions. More

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